Voices of Kanbun

Urgent Messages from KANBUN

May 2019 Urgent Message from KANBUN on the Long-Term Strategy under the Paris Agreement as Growth Strategy of the Government of Japan(PDF/350KB)
April 2019 Urgent Message from KANBUN on the Government Council Proposal for the formulation of the Long-Term Strategy under the Paris Agreement(PDF/519KB)
June 2020 Let COVID 19 open the way to a decarbonized sustainable society!!(PDF/314KB)

Excerpts from JAES21 NEWSLETTER

Since its establishment in 1993, Japan Association of Environment and Society for the 21st Century (JAES21) have placed much importance on monthly issuance of its newsletter to form a sound and science-based public opinion in our society, and never missed it even once in the past 25 years! The lead-off essay “Kaze (Winds)” written by JAES21 Representatives, among others, has delivered our opinion on trendy issues in Japan and have provided our members with an advanced vision for realization of sustainable society.

Followings are some of recent essays translated into English. Originally written for Japanese readers and therefore literal translation might not be readable, so these English versions were slightly modified for non-Japanese readers.

We highly welcome your comments on the topics of “Kaze” at info@kanbun.org

JAES21 Secretariat

December 2021 Why Political Ethics now?(PDF/322KB)
November 2021 Responding to the Carbon Neutral “wind," NPOs should blow a New Kaze(wind)(PDF/347KB)
October 2021 Greening? or Decarbonizing?(PDF/311KB)
September 2021 Time goes like a spiral(PDF/580KB)
August 2021 Ethics is a key to discuss the environment(PDF/327KB)
June 2021 Decarbonization without “growth strategy”(PDF/339KB)
May 2021 Sound environmental policy to come back(PDF/381KB)
April 2021 Environmental NPOs serve the public interest, but in Japan …(PDF/408KB)
March 2021 How can we eliminate CO2 emissions by 2050?(PDF/391KB)
February 2021 Let’s apply lessons we learned(PDF/313KB)
January 2021 Can we wake to a new dawn after a long spell of darkness?(PDF/404KB)
December 2020 We need educational reform for future generations(PDF/328KB)
Nobember 2020 Why not building up a green society?(PDF/634KB)
October 2020 Can we see real social change?(PDF/301KB)
September 2020 COVID-19 and My New Book(PDF/383KB)
August 2020 Can we build up resilient localities?(PDF/467KB)
July 2020 The uniqueness of the Climate Crisis(PDF/300KB)
June 2020 Japan needs to empower civil society(PDF/305KB)
May 2020 Why we have endless wishes for economic development while the Earth's resources are finite?(PDF/416KB)
April 2020 Climate change issues and the COVID-19 pandemic share the same root(PDF/309KB)
December 2019 2019 Impressive environment-related events in Japan(PDF/449KB)
November 2019 No More Depts, No More Over-Exploitation of Earth's resources(PDF/501KB)
October 2019 Four years after the Paris Agreement(PDF/502KB)
September 2019 Hurrah, Japanese young people, for our common future!(PDF/372KB)
August 2019 Let's make a drastic change in the future courses of our society and economy(PDF/556KB)
July 2019 Let's not rely on technologies alone!(PDF/449KB)
June 2019 The sins we, adults, have committed and how to pay for them(PDF/489KB)
May 2019 New Era coming with “Disater Prevention” and “Nuturing People”(PDF/622KB)
April 2019 What do we need to create sustainable society?(PDF/407KB)
March 2019
“Philosophy” – power of thinking for our sustainable future(PDF/488KB)
February 2019 Will we see “Apocalypse” soon?(PDF/491KB)
September 2018 Japan’s carbon tax needs people-centered discussion!(PDF/346KB)
August 2018
Real climate crises? – this summer’s abnormal weather in Japan(PDF/374KB)
July 2018 Japan’s distorted energy policy(PDF/629KB)
May 2018 It’s time for civil society, but ….(PDF/367KB)