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Why focus on "Society"?

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President's Message

Thank you for your interest in the non-profit work of JAES 21!

Japan Association of Environment and Society for the 21st Century (JAES21) founded in Kawasaki, Japan in 1993, is a Japanese non-profit environmental organization whose stated goal is creating a sustainable and circulative society with minimal ramifications. We were formerly known as the “Association to Consider the Environment and the Civilization of the 21st Century". Officially registered as a Non- Profit Organization in October 1999, our organization is very unique amongst other Japanese NGOs in that we have been working continuously towards a paradigm shift in people's values and in social systems.

We started out by inviting our friends and associates of which about 150 people responded and became original members. We currently have over 600 members including the corporate members. Our head office is located in Tokyo (Denenchofu, Ohta-ku) on the premises of the Research Institute of the Environment and Society, co., Ltd.

JAES 21 is concerned with the incessant global pollutions, environmental deterioration, and their effect on society. Our association is based on a principle that the 21st century should not be a mere continuation of the previous century in various aspects and that a paradigm shift in social systems is indispensable.

Across a span of a few years, we have carefully designed our policies and objectives that encourage a fundamental change in ways to creating a sustainable and circulative society. The key objectives of our organization are based on accumulating evidence that the earth’s natural resources are determinate and serious damages have been done to its environment.

  1. We will re-examine conventional values of various economies and life styles to formulate a renewed view which comports with the current environmental situation.
  2. We will investigate current institutions for any amendments that need to be made.
  3. We will support technological innovations which is indispensable to creating a sustainable and circulative society with minimal ramifications.

Based on the policies described above, we focus our work on projects that help society address an environmental crisis.

Saburo Kato

Why focus on "Society"?

We have entered an environmental crisis all around the world. Our drastically deteriorating natural environment due to pollution caused by the release of chemical substances into the environment has recently gained a lot of attention. Despite rising consciousness and actual efforts among citizens, the deterioration of our environment has not been mitigated.

We cannot fight against this environmental crisis with superficial efforts. Carefully planned policies with concrete action plans are necessary to ensure a satisfactory lifestyle. Our future is being jeopardized unless we change our present social and economic system which supports mass production, mass consumption, and mass disposal as a means of efficiency and material affluence.

In order that future generations may continue living in an affluent society, JAES 21 is dedicated to investigating new ways to build an equitable and sustainable society (Junkan-Shakai) during this era known as the “Century of the Environment”.

Projects In Progress

JAES 21 has several projects that are gaining momentum. Through national and international relations we are engaged in making policy proposals, researching various studies and planning enlightenment activities. Through our work, we hope to create a sustainable and circulative society with minimal ramifications.

Policy Proposals

JAES 21 is actively proposing policy changes in our current lifestyle, value system and institutional frameworks to effectively create a sustainable society. Based on solid research findings, the policies are designed by experienced JAES 21 staff and partners of different backgrounds.

Research Studies

JAES21 has conducted a pioneering research study and various collaborative researches in partnership with private and public sectors based on our environmental and social viewpoints.

We also hold small study groups, "Constitution Study Group", "Green Economy Study Group", and "Environmental Education Study Group". Each study group attendee performs unique activities and such activities become the base of our policy proposal and future enlightenment activities.


Enlightenment Activities

We issue monthly newsletters "Environment and Society" to spread the latest environmental ideas and activities. Other activities include workshops, eco-tours, publication of booklets, and dispatch of lecturers.

* Enlightenment activities are currently only available in Japanese.

People-to-People Exchanges

We hold a National Convention for Exchange with our members once a year to engage in various activities in the cities and towns outside the Tokyo/Kawasaki area, such as Kansai, Koga, and Toyama. We also engage in international activities by hosting seminars in cooperation with NGO members and researchers in the USA. This project is focused on constructing a sustainable society in Japan as well as in other parts of the world.